Error 404 Not Found – What does it Mean & How to fix it ?

How to fix the 404 error? A very common 404 error occurs whenever the requested URL is not found on your website when the WordPress website is not maintained properly. If any maintenance work is under progress on your website and your website visitors are automatically redirected to this 404-error page.

Let see some solutions for the 404-error fixation

When the hope of your website is disappointed when they request for the missing page and under maintenance web page, then they are redirected to default custom error messages “404 Error Not Found”.

How to fix the 404 errors

Step by Step: How to fix the 404 error?

Change .htaccess

How to fix the 404 error: Sometimes it 404 error can happen due to some files are deleted or something unusual has happened. For that one needs to edit or modify .htaccess file in several ways which you want to be done. The common method for the .htaccess can be modified by the FTP programs through the server or one can do this via the File Manager.

In case of the rewrite or modification for the .htaccess is disabled, or still have the issue even after you go through the steps then contact the WPSupportService and the developers will fix the issue.

Permalinks structure correction 

404 Not Found error can also be fixed by the permalink’s correction in your word press site. For that one should follow the below steps

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click settings and choose Permalinks
  3. Select “default”
  4. Save the settings

These are the simple steps that everyone can follow in case of any doubts contact the 24 / 7 reliable customer care support by toll-free or live chat or support email.


Steps after changing Permalinks

After changing the permalinks then login to the server using the FTP download the .htaccess is a hidden file then locate the wp-content/wp-admin/wp-includes / are located. Then open a file of your choice.

404 error (Internet Explorer)

In some cases, the WordPress website looks working well on web browsers like Internet Explorer. The reason is IE is ignoring such 404 conditions. In spite of such a situation very rarely the IE7 or IE8 stop showing the results even the requested page is already fed in WordPress. To overcome such a situation, one has to use the code header.php in the main theme folder. This simple solution will rectify you from this Internet Explorer browser problems.

404 Error – local servers

Developers designed WordPress on their PC’s or laptops and host it using the local servers to see the outcome purpose. In such time the problem is that the local server installation for WordPress in a way that the permalink cannot rewrite its rules to work. They try to change the permalinks but it cannot in due course it “404 Not Found” error is received. At that time the developer needs to change the WAMP, XAMPP or MAMP installation. In the taskbar, you can see the WAMP icon, click Apache and then choose Apache modules. There you can see the “rewrite_module” and make sure that the icon is checked. Then check your permalinks to ensure that they are working properly. There is an alternative method rather that go into the permalinks is given. Direct to the local server, you can find the Apache folder, then click “conf”, and direct to httpd.conf file.

WordPress site sometimes seems complicated in the troubleshooting of a 404 error. The Content Management System (CMS) of the WordPress is itself rewrites the array and its permalink feature.

404 Error – local servers

404-Error for the static files

The following steps to be done for the static type files.

  • Open the FTP client and confirm about the file which you are looking exists and connect to the server
  • Direct to the file’s location
  • Get verified that the file still exists
  • If not exist then you have the source of 404 error.

Reason for the error

If the user wants to quickly want to fix the 404 error by disabling the plugins and handle redirection and also creates some pre customed or customized permalinks.

The next step is to rewrite the rules for processing and install plugins which quite easier than rewrite array.

In case of installing the plugins, activate them and go to your WordPress site and rewrite.

In case of rewriting the array, you can see the screen that contains the set of rewrite rules on the left-hand side and the PHP string must be rewritten on the right-hand side.

If the debugger is not able to get the solution for the rule on the page, it is clear that it is the source cause for this issue, so that the WordPress is nor processing the request unless it doing what it is known. So, the immediate step is to deactivate the plugins to make things worse by conflicting the PHP is responsible for the issue. Removing the unwanted URLs is some next level of troubleshooting to make the problem solve.

Final thoughts 

I hope this content will help and guided to solve WordPress 404 error Not Found. We are waiting for your more queries and any other alternate solution please provide those in the below comment section, and I hope your comments make us grow more and technical comments will surely helpful for someone who may face such issues. This tutorial will be useful. Thanks for reading.

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