2020 Latest Updates: How to Recover Website from any Google Penalty

How to Recover from any Google Penalty: Whenever there is a sudden drop in your website, it is obvious that your website is subjected to penalties by Google. If google found that your website has violated the Google guidelines, you will surely hit the penalty and all your website rankings decline to the maximum extent. Webmaster’s main thought is what is the cause for the penalty and how to recover from these things. Before getting into the recovery one should know about the google penalty types and causes.

How to recover from any Google penalty


How to Recover from any Google Penalty

Firstly, the event of any penalty occurs the webmasters started to fix the things that are broken which results in worse things to happen. Before implementing any recovery plan, one should detect and analyze the penalty source. Website traffic can be dropped via manual penalty or algorithm updates.

Manual Action Penalties

A manual penalty is a case in which the penalty report action is informed over the network through a real person to your webmaster account which means the manual penalty cannot be generated virtually. In the manual penalty, the reason and effects of violating the google guidelines are mentioned duly. Once you get through the reason it is easier to fix the issue, though the page rankings get some more time to get its position.

There are two major types of manual action penalties

  1. Site-wide matches – which is a threat to the entire website
  2. Partial matches – which affects the individual URL or the part of the websites.

Here we list out some common manual actions which direct your website to the penalty are

  • Hacking
  • User-generated spam and pure spam
  • Unnatural links
  • Spammy markup and free hosts
  • Thin content
  • Creation of unwanted or thin content backlink for ranking
  • Cloaked images
  • Keyword stuffing

How to recover from any Google penalty


Manual Penalty fixation in a quick view 

Once you found out the manual penalty, the next step is an attempt to remove the unnatural links. Unnatural links are once removed then the problems are in the phase of sort out slowly. Before all take your site in an offline mode to stop the hacked page service.

another method for google penalties is algorithmic updates. During some phases, google naturally updates its algorithm. Whenever small changes or more changes have been done in Google then it leads to the website traffic declination. It is somewhat difficult to detect the reason for the website traffic drop since it is not intimate with the prior or at least notification in the webmaster tools and not like the manual action notification.

Two types of algorithmic updates are

  1. Penguin

  2. Panda

Google Penguin Penalty

Penguin is the algorithm that focuses on unnatural backlinks or over-optimized anchor text contents.

Google Panda Penalty

Panda is the algorithm that constantly focuses on the quality of the website. Low quality and duplicate content websites and thin content websites are penalized.

Once you detect that you are penalized with the algorithmic updates, it is necessary to identify which algorithm dashed your website. For that one needs to log in with your webmaster tool and then note the date when the sharp traffic of your websites gets dropped. One has to continuously monitor your search engine and the current algorithm and the affected one. Identify these things with Google Analytics (GA).

Google runs data and refreshes once every few months which sometimes causes the penalized the longer term. The recovery process for the google algorithmic penalty.

Google Panda penalty has been sometimes taking more than a year to recover. It is better that once you identify that you are penalized because of the low quality or thin content issue then it better to audit and make sure that all your website content is up to the quench.

If your website has been dashed by the penguin then its procedure is somewhat similar to the manual action penalty, apart from one thing which in we can file a reconsideration request in the case of manual action penalty.


Mobile-friendliness is easy to test your websites continuously using the mobile testing service.

Once to sort out the problem of which algorithm hit your website and the main thing is to avoid the manipulative link building. On the other hand, it is better to build a natural backlink profile without duplicate and strong content. On-page SEO and content with a mixture of generic keywords and anchor text. Sometimes the website rank dropping is not because of the google update but may be hacked or injected of malware.

google penalties is algorithmic updates

A quick recap for the Google Algorithmic Penalty Recovery

The main key is to remove any Google Algorithmic penalty is to find out the reason for the penalty. It is very necessary to read the Google Webmaster guidelines. Once you find the reason for the penalty it is a must to remove the backlinks which are the cause for your ranking drop. Download your google webmaster tool to get more perceptions about your website and links. Just follow the quality guidelines and do not forget to check your messages in google search console and go with the updates of the Google algorithm.

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